What's going on in Barjac?

This village of character, typical of the Gard region, on the border with the Ardeche.
You will discover my workshop gallery.
But not only…

Barjac is a village rich in festivals and various festivities.
Enjoy a moment of relaxation and tourism to visit me; I will be happy to meet you and introduce you to my creations.

I am constantly looking for serenity in all my production; whether in painting or sculpture, the ultimate goal is a balance for the mind; for me, of course, but also for the one who stops on my work and seeks to get lost in this atmosphere where the "letting go" is important. My artistic research lies in the fluidity of the lines that skilfully flirt with the spots in a permanent quest for balance. The intimacy of my subjects and my need for freedom of execution remain essential in my approach.